south african flag on racks drawing background

South Africa

NewTelco South Africa, established in Johannesburg in 2009, is co-owned by Jasco Electronics Holding Ltd. Due to its strategically advantageous location – 80% of the voice and internet traffic generated in the SADC region passes through South Africa – NewTelco SA offers transparent connections to over 1000 carriers across a vast number of international destinations.

Leveraging the international exposure, NewTelco SA can deliver the most comprehensive co-location solution available: Our international carriers can switch customer traffic seamlessly and cost-efficiently through South Africa and up into the African continent. Providing dynamic and flexible services, which can be set up fast, are easily scalable and do not involve vendor lock-in, NewTelco SA enables our customers to have full control over their interconnect and traffic routes.

In addition, NewTelco operates its Points of Presence at the carrier-neutral data centres of Teraco Cape Town, Teraco Johannesburg and Teraco Durban – allowing us to take advantage of years of global experience.