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NewTelco’s strategically located data centre in Frankfurt am Main (Kleyer Strasse 88 / Rebstoecker Strasse 25-31) offers state-of-the-art colocation facilities for equipment housing – providing our customers with direct access to the largest European telecommunication hub and a total of 450+ network operators, ISPs content providers and other telcos.


Apart from Frankfurt am Main, NewTelco also provides colocation services at a number of different locations worldwide: Amsterdam, Cape Town, Hong Kong, London, Stockholm, Vienna and many more. These also include Kiev and Tbilisi, where NewTelco owns its own data centres.


All NewTelco’s premises have been built, designed and constructed in accordance with the very latest VDE standards, guaranteeing an excellent climate for innovation, high quality electrical and electronic products and optimal technical conditions for all the equipment and systems installed at our data centres locations.


Furthermore, our data centres – which are our main area of focus – are operated based on ISO standards, offering comprehensive protection of our customers’ critical and sensitive data, a holistic, risk-based approach to data security and a compliance guarantee.


NewTelco provides direct access to a range of leading network providers and carriers. All our customers are free to select the network of their choice from those available onsite, whilst direct and low latency dark fibre availability, high capacity optical wave lengths and layer2 access to other data centre locations provide inter-connections to networks and equipment located elsewhere.


NewTelco’s containment concept considerably improves computer room cooling efficiency, resulting in significant reductions in energy costs. Maximum energy efficiency is achieved by totally separating the warm and cold aisles.


Whether our customers require rack space, their own footprint and cabinets, caged areas, AC/DC redundant power or simple in-house cabling, NewTelco’s team of highly trained and qualified colocation experts offers customizable services geared to responding to carrier-specific needs in a highly individualized manner.

Range of Colocation Solutions

  • Colocation per unit
  • Half rack colocation
  • Full rack colocation
  • Dedicated cage

Availability of power is vital. Each of our data centres is equipped with a full power backup system which immediately cuts in the case of an outage.
The distribution of electricity from our energy centre to your racks can be managed totally flexibly. A+B 16/32amp circuits and a minimum of N+1 UPS power protection are standard. Behind the scenes, your UPS-protected equipment is also backed up by generator power with a guaranteed 24 hour onsite fuel supply.

There is also a 24/7/365 refuelling contract in place to make sure we never run out. NewTelco’s industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) define the level of guaranteed availability, ranging up to 99.99% (with A and B feed). The electrical connection for your equipment is configured depending on your own specific requirements.

The following power options are available:

  • AC power voltage: 230 or 400 volt
  • AC 230/400 volt power breakers: 16/32/64 amp
  • DC power voltage: 48 volt, DC power breakers of various sizes

Power standards:

  • UPS redundancy
  • UPS battery backup up to 120 minutes
  • Generator backup
  • 24 hour fuel capacity and refuelling contract

All our cooling system components are fully redundant to ensure service is maintained in the event of an equipment failure or planned maintenance. The cooling and air-supply systems at our data centres are designed as dual and fail-safe systems to ensure continuous operation:

  • Upward cooling through the false floor
  • Separation of the warm and cold aisles
  • Air supply system with humidification and dehumidification functionality
  • Fully sensor-controlled cooling systems
  • Generator backup

Downflow cooling units guarantee maximum cooling for your equipment. The room temperature is maintained at 22°C, with a humidity level of 40% – 60%.
Air conditioning: HVAC redundancy, N+1

Security levels are always the primary consideration of our colocation customers – and quite rightly so. All NewTelco data centres have been built from the ground up with maximum safety and security in mind. In addition, every NewTelco data centre is equipped with a modern security system to prevent unauthorized access to your equipment. The implementation of a key card system restricts access to authorized personnel only.

Internal and external CCTV systems record and store all activity and our facial recognition scanners take and store photographs of each visitor attempting to access our facilities.

Security availability:

  • 24/7 security service
  • 24/7 access
  • 24/7 local technical support
  • 24/7 telephone hotline
  • Engineering and Remote Hands services

NewTelco colocation facilities are equipped with fire detection and gas-based fire suppression systems as a first line of defence against fire. Argon and FM-200 are used across NewTelco’s facilities. These systems are automatic and monitored continuously (24/7).

FM200 fire extinguishing gaseous suppressant takes the energy out of any fire within seconds of its developing. The suppressant used is non-destructive to the equipment in our data centres, environmentally friendly and safe for human exposure. These systems typically knock out class A, B and C fires in less than 10 seconds. This minimizes atmospheric toxicity and the generation of smoke and soot.

All our buildings are equipped with hand-held CO2 fire extinguishing systems, as required by local fire regulations. NewTelco uses a Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA) system for extra protection from fire. VESDA provides the earliest possible warning of an imminent fire hazard, buying valuable time to investigate, take action and avoid the danger, damage and disruption potentially caused by a developing fire. VESDA monitors the entire progression of a fire – easily detecting it long before smoke is visible. VESDA smoke detectors are positioned throughout, above and below the floor void.

All data centre related equipment, such as cooling equipment, electrical and fire control systems, is monitored around the clock. All events are controlled and procedures in place to react to every conceivable incident 24/7.


  • Highly flexible equipment housing
  • AC/DC power availability
  • Containment concept with automatic doors
  • Equipment based on energy-efficient technologies
  • Expansion options (units, racks, cages)
  • Fully redundant power and cooling solutions
  • VESDA smoke detection
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Extensive CCTV
  • 24/7 monitoring and security
  • 24/7 local technical support
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