NewTelco Genesis

In early 2000, the deregulation of the telecommunications business opened up the market for pioneering innovations and creative new business concepts.
By 2005, inspired by the mutual vision of introducing a “new way of telecommunications” to the carrier market and boldly pushing into previously unmapped territory, Matthias Hartmann joined forces with Christoph Meinhardt to found NewTelco GmbH.

Initially, NewTelco was envisioned as an independent business unit under the leadership of a world class carrier-solution provider based in Frankfurt am Main. The final goal was to build a company to provide system integration services for national and international carriers. Given the market situation at the time, it was decided to create a fully independent entity to cover the specific demand of the customers.

After establishing NewTelco as a fully-fledged company, the decision was made to enlarge and broaden the initial operational model to include, on one hand, classic data centre services (colocation, power provisioning, interconnection services) and, on the other, to offer a broad range of managed service solutions – all focussed on seamlessly closing this specialised market niche.

Since its formation in 2005, NewTelco has expertly developed strong strategic partnerships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers – with integration services rising to play an important role in our comprehensive product portfolio. These tailored services allow us to offer our customers a wide spectrum of equipment solutions supplied by a variety of different manufacturers.

With the rapid growth of the global telecommunications market, NewTelco went on to establish further entities abroad – just one year after its foundation. Our successful expansion into other countries was one of the major milestones in NewTelco’s development.

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