olexandr beregovy profil picture
Olexandr Beregovy
Head of Finance and Controlling
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george gotoshia profile picture
George Gotoshia
Managing Director
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matthhias hartmann profile picture
Matthias Hartmann
Managing Director
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natascha hartmann profile picture
Natascha Hartmann
Sales Director
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vladimir khomenko profile picture
Vladimir Khomenko
Commercial Director
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nataliya kotova profile picture
Nataliya Kotova
Marketing Director
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maria mingaleva profile picture
Maria Jossifidis
Head of Customer Care
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thabo picture
Thabo Ntlatsang
Business Development Manager
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jens skribek profile picture
Jens Skribek
Technical Director
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eckart zollner profile picture
Eckart Zollner
Head of Business Development
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